A Vision shared by Lana Vawser

I wasn’t going to share this word tonight but it was burning on my heart. I saw a vision and in the vision I saw the people of God and some were worshipping in freedom and some were worshipping in pain and discouragement but pressing through.
As all the people of God began to worship the presence of God was falling like rain, heavy rain, the Glory was falling in ways that the people of God had never seen before. Within moments they were bent open and began to travail and push through in worship. As they pressed into deeper and deeper worship in those moments, they were becoming transformed right before my eyes. They were being transformed by the heavy rain of His presence and Glory into the people they were CREATED TO BE. The people of God were transforming in radical accelerated ways into the shining ones. The Glory and light emanating from the people of God was so bright I could not look at them.
The light that was exploding out of them the more they worshipped and pushed, the more blinding the light became. Then I realised that as the Glory of God was breaking through in individual’s lives displaying them more and more as they were created to be, joined together, the whole earth was being FLOODED with the Glory and knowledge of GOD.
The more and more they worshipped as they stamped their feet the whole earth was shaking with the presence of God and strongholds were being broken ALL over the earth. The sound waves of heaven were being spread all over the earth.
I was left with the sense of an incredible urgency of the importance of worship right now. The importance of individual worship and the importance of corporate worship, simply to see Him and His presence fall powerfully. To be like Moses to cry out “Show Me Your Glory, Lord”.
The enemy is attempting to hinder worship in lives of individuals and corporately because he knows the effect worship is having on the earth, and rising up the people of God into greater manifestation of who they were created to be.
People of God, do not forsake worship!! Do not forsake lifting Him up, because He is surely rending the heavens and coming down. The earth is about to receive one of the greatest moves of God. Do not doubt your part in His plan. In the vision I saw EACH ONE had an important piece and part to play and as they spent themselves in worship before Him, the Glory and knowledge of God was being spread in rapid acceleration all over the earth.
You were created to know Him and TO SHINE! I cannot emphasize this enough. Worship is so key right now.
The Church and world is going to see as there is a greater increase in the people of God pressing in, in worship, the dead things are coming to life. The dead things in lives and in the world are going to RESURRECT! They are going to come back to life!! The Glory of God is going to bring life.
I sense the Spirit is calling His people back to that place of worship. No distractions, no striving, no self-promotion, just come to adore Him. Just come to delight in Him. Just come to minister to Him and the floor is going to be removed.
Coming back to that place of worship, the floor is going to be removed, you are not going to walk but you are going to SOAR! Natural processes will be bypassed, supernatural transportation will occur and sudden placements of the people of God will occur to EXPLODE the Glory of God through the earth like never before.
The intensity of the Glory of God that I saw fill the earth, I am sure was just a glimpse, but it was so beautiful, so full of love, so full of peace and hope and SO transforming.
Do not be limited! Do not be limited by small thinking. Do not look down upon yourself. You are in one of the greatest moments in history and the Church and God will use YOUR life to extend His Glory upon the whole earth. Cities and nations WILL be changed.
Do not let the enemy steal your position of worship right now, because YOU are a shining one, and the Lord is positioning you to walk in who you were created to be and what you were created to do.
It is a very IMPORTANT moment in time. Do not look to the left or to the right, but stick in worship and pay attention to what you are going to birth into this earth as you praise.
World Changers are birthing and arising! There are greater things yet to come and it is beginning NOW.

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