The Spirit of This Age

Virtually everything being propagated by the liberal/progressive mindset is geared towards the destruction of the very fabric of the way God created us. The spirit that drives the liberal/progressive mindset seeks to change the root thought patterns through which we can come to a knowledge of God. The Scriptures do speak of the day when good is called evil and evil good. But it is much more subtle than that. The liberal/progressive mindset seeks to condition people into thinking on different wavelengths, regardless of how perverse they may be. When one is conditioned into thinking in these patterns even the most obscene behavior becomes acceptable and “normal.”

The real travesty is how this brainwashing is taking place in the public schools. Children are being conditioned to think in patterns never meant by God. One small example is an article I read just today. There is a school system in Nebraska that no longer allows male and female students to be called girls and boys. Their goal is to produce a “gender free” environment so that children can “reach their full potential.” However noble this may sound, it flies in the face of how God created us. “Male and female He created them…” This little example is but a drop in the bucket. What parades as a more sophisticated and higher consciousness is really the spirit of this age seeking to recondition the younger generations into a state making them incapable of perceiving the righteousness of God. It is very insidious.

Think of how Adam and Eve awoke to a greater “consciousness” when they partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Thought patterns were introduced into their consciousness that were never meant to be. At this point in history the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is being taken to it’s extreme completion; a mindset completely focused on self and incapable of perceiving it’s Creator. Good and evil are coming to the full. By this we know we are in the days of judgment and the revealing of true righteousness.


One thought on “The Spirit of This Age

    It is indeed the times of summation of all things, both to the seen realm and to the unseen realm. Everything is moving in a state of intensity now because we are in the times of summation, the cup is full.
    It is not for nothing that evil is getting intense with each passing day. The cup of evil is full hence all sorts of evil is being done in this present world. The adamic nature is manifesting all of its potential natures and traits in these times we live in. The manifestations of the adamic nature are without bounds because it has no time to waste. Just like Jesus told Judas that ‘whatever you doeth, do it quickly’ so is the adamic nature manifesting all of its attributes very quickly because there is no time to waste. We are in an era where all the unthinkable evil things are being manifested unprecedentedly and amazingly.
    With all these happening, many sons are also coming into glory because this is their destiny, they are moving into all that God is with speed because there is no more time and hence things must be summed up into their destinies. Many sons are entering realms in God where it was difficult to breakthrough in the past but because of the times that we have entered, they must enter and do ‘whatever must be done quickly’ We are in interesting times now and what an honour to be alive and more importantly being alive in Him. The times are such that we have to be ready or we will be forced to be ready because of the era we have come in.
    All the words the words the Lord has ever spoken are beginning to summed up for those for which they were spoken or to them which the word of the Lord came to. All the revelations being summed up into one ‘for once has the Lord spoken and twice have we heard’
    Everything is happening at such an unprecedented realm whether being the works of the adamic nature or about the works of God in His sons. All the work God is wroughting in us is becoming very intense by the moments that passes by because the era demands so. Indeed, it is the summation of all things; of things in the earth and the things in heaven; things named and unnamed; things seen an unseen. The cup of all things is full!!!

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