Shared by Sylvester Ofori-Atta

I was in worship this morning and saw myself in a different environment. A very beautiful environment; with trees, mountains surrounding, with green grasses and a flowing crystal clear river. I saw all kinds of birds flying gently and flapping their wings.

One thing that surprised me was that everything in that environment was so much alive. I could see the trees alive, the flowing river, and the mountains alike. There were all kinds of animals in that environment. The animals were so much friendly and they could be played with. The amazing thing was I saw some animals like lion that could fly. Whilst I thought about all that was going on, I heard a voice saying, I am the Lord of the Living… It was so refreshing sight. I also wondered during that moment, indeed creation has being subject onto bondage and how beautiful it will be to see them free. What a sight I can’t tell whether I was in another garden of Eden.. One could literally see the rivers worshiping the Lord as well as all the other creation. I knelt down before the river and drank, I couldn’t stop drinking. What a heaven on earth!!!.

I believe we have entered refreshing times in the spirit. In this season, the Lord is going to strengthen us for the journey ahead. As I always say, we have come this far and we can’t quit. He is refueling us, refreshing us and giving us new abilities for the journey ahead. Our walk with him, is always expanding, methinks..

May the Lord be with us.

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  1. Sylvester, this vision you have shared resonates within me.I was talking with the Lord recently about how mans ways grieved me, and longed for the creation to be released from the bondage it suffers.

    I saw what was currently agricultural fields that were being raped by mans form of forcing the earth to produce, using toxic chemicals, and artificial fertilizers changed. It started by a spring from under the earth bursting forth.

    This stream was crystal clear, and it flowed from the north southward. As it did mature trees began to spring up, grass filled meadows, flowers, shrubs, and various fruit and nut trees all appeared, in a very short time the entire area was truly beautiful. Meandering paths, places to relax and drink in the beauty, birds, wildlife, and the sound of the stream filled the area.

    I marveled before the Lord how this all could happen in such a short time, He reminded me He isn’t limited by time, or process.

    On a deeper note I sense we are seeing the Lords heart, and His desire for the Kingdom expressed here on earth, I long to see your dream come to be Sylvester.

    May it be so Father, may it be so…

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