Kingdom Folk

Firm believers in the truth
these kingdom folk;
Bold to the point of offense
in their rejection of the Lie
and not too much respect
for it’s father either.

No spewing out of the mouth
by the Master
For these Kingdom folk;
It’s all nothing
in their passage to sonship,
and by what other means
will the earth finally
be set free?

Firm lovers of God
these Kingdom folk;
For is it not written,
“Thou shall love the Lord thy God
with all your heart, with all your mind
with all your soul and with all your strength?

Absolutes and Extremes
it’s the order of the day
even the New Day
dawning upon the Earth.


Days of Destiny

These are days
of coming up out of the wilderness
leaning on the arms of our beloved.

Days of doubt, confusion
swept from our memories
like chaff blown away
by the wind.

These are days of destiny,
a chronicle of living history
joyously written by the Spirit
upon the eternal tablets of our hearts.
A testimony forever
to the days
when the ransomed of the Lord returned
with everlasting joy upon their heads.


Something More

Our whole lives have become
a Quest
Relentless reaching, striving by the Spirit
to be found fully in the heart of God
Obtaining totally His Presence.

Like our father Abraham
we’ve gone out
looking for the city which has foundations
and like our father Abraham,
because we’ve desired, hungered
for a better country
Jehovah is not ashamed to be called our God.


No Apologies Given

He’s coming to marveled at
and glorified IN OUR BODIES — no apologies given.
Amen and AMEN.


Just the Word

For the little children
even upon the gentlest slopes
every step of the way
is a word of encouragement.

For the seasoned climbers
making their final ascent
upon the peaks of Mt. Zion
there is no encouragement at all —
just the Word.



On safari in the back country
of His kingdom
No carnal feet have muddied the water here.
It’s all Holy Ground.

Walking barefoot through uncharted regions
His word is a light unto my path
And lamp unto my feet.
Up ahead! A lion lying down with the lamb.
Nothing here to fear or make afraid.

The way in?
Follow the narrow path
winding down through the valley
of the shadow death.
Look for the signpost:
Many are called, few are chosen.


Strength to Deliver

Young men seeing visions
Old men dreaming dreams
Bringing to fulfillment
right here, right now
that which had been
only a dream on a distance mountaintop.

Sons grown up, strong in their youth
able to bend a bow of bronze.
Word of God abiding in their hearts,
strong and sure steps
crushing the evil one beneath their feet.

Open hearts plumbing the depths
of what eye has not seen
nor ear heard;
that which has not even entered
the heart of man.
All that God has prepared
for those that love Him.


Celestial Sons

All the cultures of the world are prisons
locking up the soul
dungeon style;
no windows
no light
no change
forever breathing stale, stagnant air.

The hour of the Great Jailbreak dawns
and the key of David is slipped
parable style
to all those in tune with the Master Plan.

The bonds and fetters broken,
the prisoners mount up
on eagle’s wings,
Transcending the realm of soul
higher and higher
until far above all terrestrial jailers and rulers
the prison rags fall off
and garments of grace and glory
shimmering like silver
are wrapped around eager and waiting
naked bodies.

Celestial sons
translated to heaven’s colony,
exploring the New World
discovering by the Spirit
freedom inexpressible and full of joy.


And Then

 At first we sing love songs
and anthems of praise
to the Lord.
Oh, how glorious and wonderful
it is.

And then later
We begin to sing with the Lord
Two voices merging
into One.
Co-creators with God
Oh, how glorious and wonderful
it is.

And then later…


A Time for Ray Bans

The Light shines brighter and brighter
unto the perfect day;
and baby not only do I need sunglasses
but I can already hear
the Song of Moses
welling and swelling
spilling through the Family
like the Mississippi overflowing its banks.


Grace upon Grace

In another age, in another time
El Elyon might have used whips and shackles
to guide our way.

But in these days
of His kingdom
We’re being led into the everlasting way
by acts of Love
softly, gently
breaking and caressing
the tender, vulnerable regions
of our hearts.

Grace upon grace
poured out like water
forever washing away the threat of the whip.
A door of freedom swinging open
beckons us all to learn and grow;
It’s a joyous liberation to taste and touch, make missstakes,
discovering through faith
the wonders of our Father’s world.


A Son of His Love

“One thing I have asked from the Lord,
that I shall seek;
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life.
To behold the delightfulness of the Lord,
and to inquire in His temple.
For in the day of trouble
He will conceal me in His tabernacle
in the secret place of His tent
He will hide me.
He will lift me up like a rock.”

Like David, I know for sure
what I want.
How about you?
I just want all that He is,
all that He has to give.

How about that Secret Place?
I want to wrestle my way in
s-t-r-e-t-c-h  o-u-t
get real comfortable.

A son of His love,
living in the realm
where all His grace and favor
flow freely.


Another Realm

Like Aaron’s rod that budded
we’re drawing our Life
from spiritual sources
that do not yet appear.
Though our outer man
is decaying (temporarily)
our inner man
is being renewed
day by day.

We’re drinking from another fountain
clean and sweet.
Living water
flowing down from above
creates in our hearts
a well spring to eternal life.

Anointed eyes see clearly
the skull and crossbones
stamped indelibly
on the world’s water supply.
Contaminated death
flowing freely through pipes
of futile minds and sensual dreams.


Prevailing with God

Jehovah-Nissi hones our faith
like the blade
of a sharp two-edged sword.

Accusations, delays
lies of the evil one
pressures from within and without,
led down dead-end alleys
by the Perfecter Himself.
All forging in our hearts
the irrevocable proclamation,
My heart is fixed O God, my heart is fixed!

“And then the angel said let me go
for the day is dawning,
but he said I will not let you go
until you bless me.
And the angel said your name
shall not longer be Jacob, but Israel
for you have striven with God and man
and have prevailed.”














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