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Africa is the most looked down upon among the continents of the world in which we live. It is the least place in this world where people would like to live. Over the years, the media outside this continent have succeeded in portraying the African continent as the most miserable place on the earth, or even the hell on earth. It is even sad to hear people outside this continent say that people on the African continent live on trees and as such, behave as monkeys.

Through all the perceptions leveled against this continent, it is the African continent that preserved our Lord Jesus Christ when he was on earth. It was Africa that opened her mouth to swallow Jesus when he was attacked by Herod and his army. Africa is the place where the moves of God are preserved. Any move of God birthed on this continent thrives. I believe Africa is the only place of safety and security when the “Herods” of this time also attack the moves of God now.  Africa was also used to feed and preserve the world when God sent his people into Africa to preserve them from famine in Joseph’s time. There are a lot of conflicts here because the enemy knows this is the place of safety. It has been the character of God to always major most at the least considered places. The glory of light is darkness, thus God’s glory will be seen where everyone in this world tags it as the Dark Continent. Thus, Africa has been God’s agenda to showcase his glory on the earth. Africa gave to God when he needed security the most when he was on earth, thus the continent demands from God to also give back to us.

Africa is noted for its superstitious nature. It is a land of worship. Africa believes in spirituality more than science; no wonder people outside this continent see this place as dark looking in the 21st century of this world. The primitiveness of this continent centers on our perception of things. But gradually things are changing. Africa would rather seek “superstitious” understanding in all things rather than the scientific perspective. The earth itself is full of spirit. Thus there are various witchcrafts,  occults, and fetishism on the continent. For example, a few years ago if a farmer planted crops and it did not yield, he would rather resort to praying or pouring libation, or would do anything spiritual that he believes in for the crops to grow rather than approaching the unyielding crops from a scientific perspective; that is, by checking the type of soil in which he planted them. It really sounds crazy but that was the belief. It’s been changing for about 30 years now.

We have yearned for God so much as a continent, in a both genuinely wrong and good ways. There is something that rises in Africans just to worship. One cannot run away from the fact that Africa has its own problems. Our greatest problem has been with our leadership, especially those in charge of our government and politics. Our leaders have deprived us of our inheritance by their own selfishness and mismanagement of nature. Africa has been deprived of generational leaders who would not only think about the future. In our quest to develop we have also copied the western world blindly.

It is said that African leaders are the most corrupt. What a contradiction!! If the most corrupt leaders are from Africa, where do they get the resources to be corrupt? It is the richest continent in the world, yet the poorest. We have every resource but because of ignorance and bad governance, Africans are being exploited on their own resources.
Can any good thing come out of Africa? I believe so. What I believe God has been doing in the past few years is helping Africans to renew their minds to affect his agenda on earth. I think one day Africa would rise up to be the superpower of this world. It may sound funny, but I believe. It is said that Africa is 1000 years behind the Western world. God is waiting for Africa to rise up; the agenda of God is birthed from Africa. . If Africa would rise one day, then Africa must give in its poverty rather than waiting to be given to. The world is in trouble but everyone think the world should help Africa. What a deception. The more Africa receives the more Africa would be poor. Africa must give in spite of their poverty. God expects more from Africa than any other continent, because Africa has been given more in terms of resources. To whom much is given, much more would be required. But Africa is ignorant that it is sitting on something God is waiting to
show forth. The economic and spiritual capital of the world is going to be Africa! Africa is full of energy and resources.

There is no glory going to rise in Africa if Africans don’t rise to shine forth. God is taking time to raise Africa. Africa is where God started; bible scholars and historians say that the Garden of Eden was placed somewhere in Africa. Africa must rise up to be what God has destined it to be regardless of the present realities on the continent.
It is possible!!!!!

I am a proud son of Africa. God bless my homeland Africa.

3 thoughts on “Life in Africa

  1. You said, “The earth itself is full of spirit.” This is so true. My observation about Africa is that its inhabitants are an intuitive people. What the Western world considers superstition is really many times an awareness that Africans have of the spiritual realm around them, something that most Westerners don’t perceive.

    I had a dream once in which I saw an African house. While it had many modern conveniences in it, the floor was earthen. It was all symbolic of how Africans are connected to the earth in a unique way. They feel, or rather sense, the realm of spirit around them, and the emanations of the energies of the earth. I think the fact that Africa has not developed technologically as fast as the Western world is not necessarily a bad thing. Technology is overrated!! I think God has preserved the sensitivity of Africans to the energies of the earth and the realm of spirit around them. Technology has a way of crushing that awareness in people. In the days of the Kingdom of God ahead of us, I can see the precious resources of Africa being used to bless the entire earth, just as in the days of Joseph. I do believe that.

    You mentioned that something in Africans rises to worship. There is a hunger to worship. That is a good thing, and as you said, also a bad thing in as much as other entities and so-called deities have usurped the place of the one true God. Because of this innate desire to worship, a true humbleness can be found in the hearts of Africans. We intercede that the true revelation of Jesus Christ is exalted over the continent of Africa!

  2. I think technology is an enemy of spirit life. The more we become technologically advanced, the more we lose our awareness to the Spirit of God. May God help us.
    We speak blessings,honor upon the land of Africa! May Africa rise up into its place in the agenda of the Lord.

  3. The Europeans saw Africa as an opportunity to plunge into, literally, they shared the ‘spoils’ among themselves relative to who had power then. They came for our resources and changed our mindsets sadly. It was more like we didn’t know what we had, they took advantage of our ignorance shipped our natural resources to their end. it is sad to read about the colonization of Africa to see how cheaply they took our stuffs away, they traded in a barter system of trade, they brought a bottle of Gin in exchange of our gold, timber,diamonds and others.

    Indeed that mindset they planted in Africa was so deep that after independence, and after so many years, our colonial masters still control us literally. They have just re branded in trading with us, they don’t come with a bottle of gin but is packaged in another way. Oh how deep the spirit of bondage in Africa is. It is their wish that Africa will be in bondage forever. They are no more here with us, but they are in our minds, they support us to fight with one another. It has been the agenda of the devil to destroy this continent. But Africa is strong, it has been through hell and back,yet still it stands.

    They stole what we had and now we beg for what was rightfully us. They then give it to us with conditions which tends to deepen the mindset they planted in us. They love to see Africa in perpetual bondage. How can Africa beg for what belonged to her? Africa needs to be aggressive and take back what rightfully belonged to her, Africa needs to aggressively break away from this bondage. It’s an aggressive journey for Africa. they brought their religious mindset to her, to make Africa passive in taking back what belongs to her. A bondage so deep seated that Africa is always waiting to be given to, waiting to be helped,unwillingness to take initiative,waiting for manna to fall down.

    They collaborated with Africans to kill anyone who dares to be different and stand against the status quo or they whisk anyone away who tends to stand up against them ,all in the name of keeping her in bondage. A mission for perpetual bondage. Just like King Herod days, where he killed babies in order to stop the mission of Jesus, more babies in Africa have been killed in order not to see the liberation of Africa. More have been killed through diseases, wars, terrorism.

    No more killings because this time, it is a living word that has gone forth to bring total liberation to her. Just like the living word ,Jesus’ vision and mission couldn’t be aborted by Herod, this living word being speaking over Africa cannot be killed, it cannot be aborted. It will go forth aggressively and give birth to God’s agenda for Africa.

    I have good news for Africa,Africa, hear me, your liberation is here.

    God bless my homeland Africa

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