Individuality is a Limitation

One characteristic of a living word is that it progressively opens higher and higher levels in God. No message is an end in itself, but each builds upon another revealing Christ in greater ways. There is a new dimension of the word that is opening. It is revealing the kingdom on a new level. It is akin to viewing a landscape with wider and wider lens.

In a previous message it was stated that even our individual relationship with the Lord must be crucified in order to move into the kingdom as it is being revealed now. I am still exploring this truth. Last night this came: Individuality is but a fragment of the whole. I made it a point to look “fragment” up in the dictionary. The word “fragment” is defined as “an isolated, unfinished, or incomplete part.” Another definition is “a part broken off or detached.” We must die to an individual relationship as we have known it so that we can participate with Christ in His expression in the whole. It is not that having an individual relationship with God is now “wrong.” It is about our expanding awareness of the kingdom. A one-on-one relationship with the Lord as we have known it often expresses intimacy. We speak much about what God is doing for us, how He is blessing us, and what He is speaking to us. We relate God’s love and grace in such a relationship according to how He reveals Himself to us. Individuality limits how much of God we can know. As we lose our lives to become part of the greater whole, our relationship with the Lord becomes one we share in with all of Zion. This is where true oneness is made real to us. The intimacy we seek with the Lord will overwhelm us in this new realm. It will overwhelm us because we won’t experience it as individuals, but as the body of Christ. Our consciousness will not be as a member of the body of Christ, but as the body of Christ. Oneness swallows up all distinctions on an individual level.

Individuality as we have known it is part of the fallen, Adamic nature. God has related to us through individuality just as He has related to us through many other Adamic aspects that are not permanent expressions of  the new nature, Christ. God’s grace is leading us patiently one step at a time into His perfect provision for us. Here is something to consider: Sin can only be manifested where there is separateness from God. When we walk with an awareness of Him abiding in us, sin is eliminated. It becomes as Paul said, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” Where there is separation there will be sin. When individuality is lost and Christ indwells us with a conscious awareness of the whole, the propensity for sin is eliminated. This is the fulfillment of 1st John 3:9.

No one who is born of God practices sin, because His seed abides in him; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

This is a difficult passage to understand and does not even seem practical to the natural mind. Notice the emphasis of the phrase, “because His seed abides in him.” The seed is the living word of Christ. It is the word living in us that crucifies individuality and projects us into oneness. Being born of God is a subject that the Lord will re-visit as we move higher into Him. Being born of God will ultimately be defined as inseparable oneness with Him.

When we look at original sin and the disobedience perpetrated in the Garden of Eden, one conclusion follows. No matter how great Adam’s relationship with God was, there must have been an area of separation between the two. Adam did not walk with a conscious awareness of God in him. If there had been a oneness with God such as He is bringing in Christ, there would have been no place for disobedience. Everything God creates begins on a lesser level and has it’s accumulation on a higher one.




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