How Christ’s Lordship is Established Over us

When we are young, we have certain reactions and responses to adversity. If we believe the source is spiritual warfare, for example, we tend to fight back, binding the enemy, etc. When we are older, there is another response. The response is humbling oneself and worship

The first response reflects one who is growing in God. The second response reflects one who has had a revelation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ established in his spirit. As we come under Christ’s Lordship, we learn there is really only one response to everything that comes our way. Whether it is God dealing with us, or the devil harassing us, our worship resolves the issue. There is one answer to a thousand problems.

When we are young and growing, it is difficult to respond with heart-felt submission to the Lord. We want to fight, or kick and resist. This is because His Lordship has not yet fully subdued us. The realization of all things being resolved by our humbling ourselves in worship comes from beginning to perceive Him as Lord. His Lordship will break our hearts, and we will find we can’t submit deeply enough.

Our submission to His as Lord does not come overnight. It is the sum total of His dealings in our lives. Calling Him Lord will always carry a measure of hollowness until He has worked the revelation of Himself deep within our spirits. The revelation of Christ as Lord comes through the daily submission to Him in the little things. It is only in hindsight that we realize that all of our small victories in submitting to Him have accumulated into a revelation of the Lord that is wonderful. This is how we come to know Him. He establishes His Lordship over us imperceptibly. We should be encouraged with this truth. Even our smallest victories have merit and contribute to the sum total of our lives before God.


6 thoughts on “How Christ’s Lordship is Established Over us

  1. Amen. .this really is an encouraging Word. .you find yourself turning inside to His Lordship almost imperceptibly during our lives. .in the years. .in the days. .in the hours. .in the moments. .

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  3. Every work of the Lord has it’s beginnings, and this is a cycle that happens over and over. As He moves us upward we move into a season of small beginnings, and the cycle of trust, gratitude, and praise starts over again. This may not be the fireworks that so many want to vaunt, yet never fear this is the work of the Lords hands.

    “For who has despised the day of small things? Zechariah 4:10

    Trust is walking with the Lord throughout the day, embracing the moment, and seeing the victories that become a way of life.

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