From the Theoretical to the Practical

God is continually taking His sons from the theoretical to the practical. The theoretical is the realm of revelation. We see and perceive many things in the realm of the theoretical. The practical is the realm of assimilation. John was told in Rev. 10 to take the book from the angel and eat it. The book was sweet as honey is his mouth, but bitter in his stomach. The theoretical is always sweet as honey. It is easy to rejoice in the theoretical. When we assimilate the theoretical, it works deep within our being, and we become what we have eaten. It is just like eating natural food. As long as it stays in our mouths, we can experience the taste and flavor of the food. We can smell its aroma. But that food cannot nourish our bodies until we swallow it. Once it’s in our stomachs, all the nutrients in that food begin to be assimilated into our bodies. While the food is in our mouths, it can be spit out. In the early stages of swallowing we can still vomit it up. ┬áBut once those vitamins and nutrients begin to be absorbed by our bodies, the food becomes indelibly a part of us. It cannot be separated from us. And so it is with spiritual things.

Christianity as a whole is restricted by how much of God it can move in. This is because it does not know how to move from the theoretical to the practical. Rejoicing and continually speaking of what God has revealed to us can become an occasion of deception. Seeing a thing is not the same thing as having a thing. What we behold by revelation must be assimilated until we become it.

Appropriation is the beginning of practicality. As we learn how to appropriate what God reveals to us, the process of assimilation begins. Appropriation is learning to receive from God. It is learning how to exercise faith and take what God has provided for us. Many things occur as we assimilate the theoretical. Death, burial, and resurrection are experienced again and again as we “eat the book.” Going from the theoretical to the practical simplifies our lives in God. When Jesus ministered in his first appearing, He did not teach a lot of complicated theories. He did not explain, for example, what took place in the beginning of Genesis. As a matter of fact, Jesus never explained anything. He just spoke the word and said, “He who has ears, let him hear.” Jesus spoke simply. The reason He did so was because He moved completely in the realm of the practical, not the theoretical. Jesus said, “My words are spirit and are life.” Everything He spoke sprang from what lived inside Him. As we move deeper into the practical side of sonship we find that less is always more. It becomes unnecessary to explain and expound what we feel we have seen or heard from God. We just speak the word.

Why is it that so many of the prophecies and revelations that are spoken are always about something that God is “going to do?” So much is put off into the future. “God is going to do this, God is going to do that. This is coming, that is coming.” The theoretical is never manifested in the present. Only the practical has a “right now” manifestation. Thus, we will never walk in fulfillment until we pass from the theoretical to the practical.

Years ago when the Pentecostal movement was in full swing, the term “full Gospel” was used quite extensively. Back then it meant embracing the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. To the saints of that era having those experiences was a seal of having God’s full provision. The true “full Gospel” is moving from the theoretical into the practical. God lives in the practical. The theoretical carries undertones of religiosity. While we may receive true revelation from the Lord, it is still mixed with our own interpretations. It still has a measure of “self” in it. As we move from the theoretical to the practical, the impurities of Adam are refined from the word. One of the greatest problems in Christianity is the inability to hear or perceive a practical word. This is because of the limitations of the theoretical realm. The theoretical carries certain expressions and presentations, and when these are absent, Christians don’t readily recognize the Lord. As we assimilate the theoretical, moving into the practical, we are then able to hear God in a higher realm. We begin to see Him just as He is.

2 thoughts on “From the Theoretical to the Practical

  1. The Living Word moves us from the theoretical into the practical.

    “I remember in times past, in the midst of the christian brothers, it was all about who could teach/share a word full of revelation was all that i yearned for…little did i know there is a realm beyond is that path i term as Living in his Reality……its a different realm altogether!! A realm outside doctrines,its a realm so unpleasant to the soulish life,the realm of Revelation makes you ‘feel’ good but the realm of practicality is something else….. it’s not ‘enjoyable’….few find it……Its the realm of Becoming!!!!” ~ Sylvester O. Atta

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