Displacement–A Higher Perspective

All of Adam’s needs are fulfilled in a higher realm in Christ. Here is a greater perspective on the work of the cross. While it is true that we die to the Adamic nature with all of its drives and wants, it is also true that those drives and wants are valid. For example, our innate need to be accepted and loved is valid. Our need for approval is valid. However, because the Adamic nature is corrupt, indelibly tied up in the satanic seed, the quest for fulfillment is forever centered on self. Our fallen ego in Adam ever seeks gratification.

Everything the corrupted Adam seeks has its counterpart in Christ. This is a better perspective that continually speaking of that which we need to die to. Rather, let us focus on what we need to live to. In Christ is our eternal acceptance. In Christ is our sense of purpose. In Christ we find approval. All these manifestations are undefiled and pure in Christ. We do not die to Adam to live in a vacuum. Selflessness is not a state of oblivion. Christ’s nature in us makes everything right.

It has been said that the work of the cross does not have to be such a gut wrenching struggle. Such a statement, though, has its qualifications. Dying to the self-life is an endless battle when we don’t see clearly the true goal. Dying to self, or the cross experience, if you prefer, is a faith initiative. It is an initiative of faith to believe in the goodness of God towards us, and that what Adam so desperately craves, is readily available in Christ. Do we believe God loves us? Do we believe He approves us and smiles upon us as we exercise faith in what He has spoken? If we believe these things, they displace the permanently bent needs of Adam. Adam wants to be seen by everyone and approved. In the higher realm of spirit, we only need to be seen by God, and approved by Him. The soul’s need to be fed on a human level gives way to being fed in a higher realm, a secret realm. This is what Jesus meant when He told His disciples that He had food to eat that they knew not of.

In a true sense, the work of the cross doesn’t just kill Adam, it takes his bent desires and straightens them out through a new nature that begins to live in us. The needs of Adam are valid; they just cannot be fulfilled in the corrupt nature that now houses them. This is a higher understanding of the passage in Mat. 9.

16  “But no one puts a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and a worse tear results.
17  “Nor do people put new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wineskins burst, and the wine pours out and the wineskins are ruined; but they put new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.”

We need not fear the cross. Embracing the cross is a faith initiative. If we truly understand we receive “back from the dead” all of our desires made pure in Him, then we can move forward rapidly. The removal of the veil in us, i.e. our flesh nature, is a practical experience, not a theoretical one. Claiming the veil has been torn in two and rejoicing in the provision, is not enough. We must go on through to stand in His presence. The displacement of natures is what enables us to do just that.


3 thoughts on “Displacement–A Higher Perspective

  1. Awesome…selah on what He IS in us, before us, behind us, pouring through us. Thank you…another remembrance that the veil within is torn down.

  2. The five base senses, see, hear, touch, taste and feel are all found in Adam. In Christ these five senses are expressed or experienced in Spirit and Truth. Thus taking the five adding the two equals seven, a divine order, transformation or purified state of being.

    It’s all about His life (Light) overtaking our darkness, and our embracing this in His faith.

  3. The inexpressible joy of knowing Christ beyond the veil far surpasses all knowledge or imagination of anything realized within the adamic realm. The beauty of the cross lies in the beholder and partaker who by faith enters into that joy of the Lord and experiences the freedom that comes when detaching from self-hood and embraces the living word who permeates and infuses himself into our being. Life out of death – what a divine displacement!

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