A Prelude to Three Messages

The following three messages are linked together. The first one, Transitioning From Soul to Spirit, was written just last night. The message From Soul to Spirit was written last year. I was not aware that I had written this message when writing Transitioning From Soul to Spirit. I only came upon it in my files while searching for something else. I emphasize this because the two messages sound very similar. Yet they came independent of each other. This further serves to confirm what God is speaking to those endeavoring to walk as mature sons before the Father. The third message is called In the Secret Place. It also came independent of the other two, yet emphasizes the same truths from a different perspective. It is clear that the realm of sonship is of another realm just as when Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world. The present state of Christianity can only rejoice in the words of sonship. It can rejoice, but entrance is denied. This denial is not based on worthiness, because we are all unworthy. Denial or admittance is based solely on abiding in the right realm for it to be experienced. This is a faith endeavor and it is no respecter of persons. No one is denied who hears these words and is stirred to walk in them. God has set an open door before His people. It is at our initiative that we enter in.

2 thoughts on “A Prelude to Three Messages

  1. No one is denied…it’s right here for the taking. By faith we “bathe” in this awareness of what we are to walk in right now!!!

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