How God’s Perfect Will Comes Forth

Fatalism is a false concept. It is fostered through theology, not a relationship with God. We have examples of God changing, or being willing to change His intent, through both Jonah’s and Abraham’s interaction with God. God’s purposes are fulfilled through His people. This means we are to participate with Him in the unfolding of His will. This is revolutionary from earthly Christianity’s perspective. Christianity continually separates God from His people. “He is in heaven and we are on earth” the narrative goes. The Lord is put on such a high pedestal that it becomes blasphemy to speak of our oneness with Him. Blasphemy is exactly what the Pharisees accused Jesus of when He claimed God as His father and that He and the Father were one.

The purposes of God exist outside the realm of fatalism. Yes, for the big picture God has a plan that will be fulfilled. How that plan is executed is determined through us. It was God’s plan to take Israel immediately into the Promised Land after their exodus from Egypt. Israel’s refusal to obey and trust God resulted in them wandering in the wilderness for 40 years until the first generation died out. Continue reading