From Soul to Spirit

Many books have been written on the visions, dreams, and miraculous ways in which God leads us. I do not discount these leadings of the Lord. Many dreams, etc.,┬áhave come to me over the years revealing God’s purposes. However, I have found that the further we move into God, the less these manifestations occur. You would think it would be just the opposite, but it is not so. God is not interested in putting on a show for us. His one goal is to create the maturity of sonship in us. Because this is true, we learn to walk with the never ending pressures upon the soul life. These pressures crush the soul life ┬áthat we might be free in our spirits to know Him. We should all be able to discern and identify our spirits as separate entities from our souls. This new day of the Kingdom that God is opening is a day of spirit. It is a great transition from soul to spirit. It is in our spirits that changes come. It is in our spirits that we take on the nature of Christ. As anyone who has ever had an experience with God knows, the blessing lingers for a season, then fades. It is like the glory that Moses had when he came down from the mountain. He face so shown that he had to wear a veil so that the people could look at him. But that glory eventually faded. So it is with the soul realm. The soul life cannot sustain the blessing of the Lord indefinitely. As the blessing of the Lord fades, it is the nature of the soul life to begin looking for a fresh blessing. And so it becomes an endless cycle. How is it that people can go for years, having great experiences, and still not mature into the deeper things of God? If the blessings and revelation we receive from God do not penetrate deep into our spirits, we don’t change. The day of spirit is a day of impartation. The soul life learns through process, here a little, there a little. But the transformation we desire comes through exposure. The Lord imparts to our spirits, and as the revealing of the Lord is established in our spirits, we change. The blessings that don’t penetrate into our spirits are superficial, regardless of how wonderful they may appear at the time. Continue reading

In the Secret Place

God is bringing forth sons and it is contrary to all the spectacular fireworks associated with such teaching. It is in the quiet place, in the lonely place at His feet that we are sealed as sons. The dealings of the Lord upon our spirits do not excite the religious soul realm in us. Walking as a son is first and foremost a relationship with the Father in the secret place. This is typified in the Scriptures when Jesus would retreat to a lonely place to pray. Continue reading