A Vision shared by Bren Ward

In 1998, while going about my normal day… having been made aware of Father God’s Presence always communing with me through our union… orchestrating our days… fulfilling that which He promised…. through the New Covenant He made with us… I was thanking Him as He revealed His mind and heart to me in the moment … I was still in awe of just how very much HE is continuously manifesting His Spirit in each of us and our daily lives….  I was filled with even more love, joy, peace and faith than I lived in only a moment before.   Greatly desiring this gift for all mankind… for His sake as well as ours… I was given an awareness… an inner vision… of two hearts knit together as one through a mutual love …  The love of a father for His children… the love of a lover and His bride…. love meant to increase for each other and for their spiritual offspring as well … the Spirit of love… which originated through the Spirit of God Who is love… a love which was imparted and is returned 100 fold  …. as perfected. Continue reading

Seeing by the Living Word of Christ

The word of God living in us is to become the means by which we discern and appraise all things. There is a gift of the Holy Spirit, the discerning of spirits, that is listed in 1st Cor. 12. This gift of discernment is not the same thing as the discernment that comes by the living word of God abiding in us. The gift of discerning of spirits can come to anyone, anytime, according to the need. The discernment which comes through the living word abiding in us only comes as the word becomes a part of us, inseparable from our own spirits. It is created through the fires of God sealing His word in us. It is us becoming the word. Continue reading