His Community — Our Becoming

A message by Sylvester Ofori-Atta —  Ghana, Africa

A community whose very foundation is the love of God .He’s building a community of fellowship in us and with us. Just like the Garden of Eden, where he can dwell again, He yearns for an unbroken fellowship he had from the beginning. He wants to take the preeminence of our lives, where he becomes everything he is in us. His very glory shall become the boundaries of this community he’s building, his light shall become our very light, his sight our reality. His words will become the food we live on. Living waters will flow through this community and anybody that drinks of the waters shall never thirst again. A place where his life flows through the inhabitants in an unceasing way such that he will be the very expression of the inhabitants, the lives of those who live there will be totally swallowed up with his life. An absolute oneness being reached…the inhabitants can confidently say, as you have seen me, you have seen the father. A oneness among the inhabitants, where everyone lives in the heart of each other.

What a time to be born, what an era that has been opened to us to walk in. We are the blessed ones who come in the name of the Lord to walk on this path. This realm of spirit walk is being opened to this dispensation. Many people have desired such a walk; we aren’t going to take chances, we are in for all he has on the table for us. We are feeding on everything that has been presented on the table of the Lord for us. We will not let this realm pass by without us not grabbing anything that is for us, we won’t let it go. Just like Jacob said to the angel,’ I won’t let you go until you bless me’, we say to the lord that we won’t let him go until we appropriate everything in this rich, glorious realm that has been opened to us. We will not sit passively waiting for it to drop like the manna from heaven, but instead we take the initiative to appropriate all he has for us. We drive in with this aggressiveness and intensity of our spirits to take in what He’s prepared for us because the Kingdom of God suffered violence, and the violent ones take it by force.

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