Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother


A message by Jim Putney.

Honor your Father and Mother. This has far reaching significance indicating our true parents, Truth & Love, Spirit & Truth — our Father and Mother from above.

Eph. 6
1 ¶  Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.
2  Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)
3  That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

Our Father is revealed in Christ, and so is our Mother, she is Zion, Jerusalem from above, and carries the same qualities the ability to conceive, nurture, and produce children. This is the core of our Fathers heart to see His children come forth from the marriage of Spirit and Truth. Zion being symbolically represented as our Mother from above. This was portrayed in Abraham and Sarah, and the birth of Isaac.

Paul states that Jerusalem from above is our Mother, and this reference is to Zion.

When we can see who are true parents are, we see the beauty our Father and Mother. There is nothing but our best interest expressed in them, regardless of the perceptions we may have about ourselves. Our parents are constantly looking out for our best, with wisdom, insight, and eternity all clearly in focus.

This understanding brings discipline or correction into greater meaning, in faith we can purely trust our parents, and rejoice in the correction they provide, even when it seems severe, or distasteful, we can be thankful for the wisdom, and Love that is expressed, knowing it is always perfect, and will yield the precious fruit of righteousness. This is the thankfulness in all things, for we begin to see how all things work together for good.

Gal. 4
26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.
27 For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband.
28 Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.
29 But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.
30 Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.
31 So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.

To see our Mother we must seek the Lords best, and that is to see Zion as our home, and the perfect will of our Father. Here we find all that we could ever need and more, we find the blessings of the New Covenant, and the warmth of Truth and Love. We find our true family, those who are gathered along with us. Zion is the fulfillment of Bethany, a place of intimacy, of sharing, and rest. Zion is where the sons are born, and are prepared for the responsibilities that are soon to unfold.

This cannot be overstated due to its enormous meaning, “Honor your Father and Mother that it may be well with you, and that you may live long upon the earth.”

Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? As soon as Zion travailed, she also brought forth her sons.” Isaiah 66:8

4 thoughts on “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

  1. Very good !
    I see why we are told to get Wisdom”the principle thing”
    And the book of Proverbs is the heart of our mother to her sons…
    I see Father as Knowledge amd Wisdom as Mother
    and together bring forth understanding(collectively)
    Which is in the sons…
    relationship brings us UP higher (understanding)…
    Great Word 🙂

    • In Zion we find the oneness that solidifies all of our relationships. In this house peace flows like a river, and we see one another eye to eye.

      In Zion we find the beauty of our Fathers home, the warmth of His Love brings all of His children together.

      “They will neither harm nor destroy
      on all my holy mountain,
      for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord
      as the waters cover the sea.”

      The very nature of our Father is expressed through the sons in Zion, and the former ways are replaced with expressing the Truth in Love. Here joy is found, and expressed.

      “Whereas you have been forsaken and hated With no one passing through, I will make you an everlasting pride, A joy from generation to generation.”

      Our Father and Mother really know how to create a home <3

      • Yes they do…their union dwells in their Son…he is their /our dwelling place and their/our home/son is full(an eternity/eternal )of mercy and grace…blessings

        • Oneness says it all, in all of our journey, and in all of the heartaches and regardless of the ‘price of admission’ nothing can compare to the beauty of oneness of Zion.

          “But of Zion it shall be said, “This one and that one were born in her”; And the Most High Himself will establish her.

          The LORD will count when He registers the peoples, “This one was born there.” Selah.”

          Yes, grace and blessings

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